Las Colibrí


Las Colibrí or "The Hummingbirds," have a passion for music, beauty, and girl power. These women are flying into new territory as one of the most unique ensembles of its genre by returning to the all-string instrumentation of the early 20th century mariachi tradition and the colorful, feminine costumes of the Mexican cinematic divas of the 40's and 50's.

Mariachi Ángeles de Pepe Martinez Jr.


 Pepe Jr. has been trained by the best, performed with the best, and is committed to making sure the next generation of mariachi musicians receive the highest quality and most authentic instruction possible. With over 25 years as a leading member of Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, Pepe Jr. now brings his experience, professionalism and leadership to his new group Mariachi Ángeles.

Las Jovencitas


"Las Jovencitas" is the first all-female mariachi academy that brings together young girls 

from the ages of 9-21 years old from the San Bernardino to San Fernando Valley.  Founded by Susie García and also directed by Cindy Reifler-Flores in 2016, this organization aims to educate and mentor young women to face the world with confidence, cultural pride, and inspiration to follow their dreams in music and beyond no matter how big or small.


Marisa Ronstadt


Marisa Ronstadt is a wonderful singer whose  voice equals that of her cousin Linda, the multi-platinum selling recording artist. A performer since the age of seven, her influences range from mariachi to rock and roll, Lola Beltran and Pedro Infante to the Beatles and Marvin Gaye

Marisa Ronstadt