It is with great pleasure that I take this chance to welcome you to the Colibrí Entertainment family! As the Executive Director and founder of this organization, I want to thank you for supporting my desire to preserve and promote Mexican music, heritage, and tradition. My goal is to bring together both Latino and Non-Latino community members of Los Angeles and the world to educate and raise cultural awareness through the arts.

Colibrí Entertainment takes pride in recognizing the those that have contributed to the advancement of Latinos. Many before me have done amazing work to help our communities thrive and prosper and I only hope to continue advocacy that can help spread more of this important work. I am an advocate of the advancement of women, educating the future, and inspiring people of all ages to embrace who they are by looking within their own culture to celebrate the rich traditions and values that make us unique and amazing!

Thank you again for your support of my mission and we hope to be a part of your cultural discovery in some way!

Sincerely Yours,

Susie Garcia

„My goal is to bring together both Latino and Non-Latino community members of Los Angeles and the world to educate and raise cultural awareness through the arts.”
Susie Garcia


Preservation of Culture and Tradition:

To acknowledge and celebrate the historical background and traditions of Mexican, Mexican- Americans, and Chicanos and embrace our cultural future: to find the point at which our past and future intersect.

Creative Invention:

To create performances that encourage, engage, and challenge our artists as well as our audiences to be transformed, inspired, and enlightened.


To provide a safe and inclusive atmosphere for both performers and audience members regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. To create an environment where we can build bridges within and between our audience members.


To use the performing arts to educate the general public about the history, cul- ture, and traditions of their own community or those they would like to know more about, and inspire audience members of all ages and ethnicities.



Started in 2009, Colibrí Entertainment has begun to develop itself as a production company and booking agency committed to the talent, innovation, and creativity of Mexican, Mexican American, and Chicano visual and performing artists. Colibrí Entertainment was born out of the desire to create performance opportunities for both male and female artists that are committed to preserving their cultural heritage, values, and traditions and encouraging the creation of art that could trans- form and educate communities of all ages and ethnicities.

Artistic Director and founder of Colibrí Entertainment, Susie Garcia, got her start in performance of Mariachi Music in the early 90’s and has continued a successful career in music and theatre ever since, even winning an American Grammy award in 2008 for “Best Regional Mexican Album” with Mariachi Divas. In 2009, Susie had the opportunity to take her artistic knowledge and her solid education and pair it with her business background of seven years with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co. to create an organization that she felt could raise the bar within the entertainment industry and better serve the community by providing a very high quality of talent and professionalism carried out by a team of professionals committed to excellence, innovation, and transformation.

2009- Colibrí Entertainment began the development and representation of contemporary latin sound with the introduction of Las Colibrí, an all female mariachi. In this same year, Las Colibrí was cast under the musical direction of Susie Garcia, to star alongside Chicano comedy troupe Culture Clash in a 6 week production at the Getty Villa of “Peace” by Aristophones directed by Bill Rauch.

2010- Colibrí Entertainment went on to produce a solo album and a CD Release event featuring Susie Garcia titled “Esa Guerita”. García was also featured in November of 2010 at Las Cruces International Mariachi Festival.

2011- Colibrí Entertainment has had the wonderful opportunity to send Las Colibrí to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for a 10-month production of Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” where they are making waves and carrying out a very important artistic mission through the encouragement and direction of García. During their ten-month stint in Ashland, they have performed for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s “Green Show”, given lectures to educate patrons about Mariachi Music, and have participated in various community outreach events and projects.

2012- Colibrí Entertainment produced their very first live concert: !Viva La Tradición! 5 De Mayo with Mariachi Los Camperos featuring Las Colibrí, Mariachi Estrella de Jalisco, and Plaza de La Raza Youth Ensemble.   Their second live music production was !Viva La Tradición! A Tribute to Nati Cano and Los Camperos, which was featured by KCET as part of their LIVE AT THE FORD series.

2013- Colibrí Entertainment returned to the John Anson Ford Theatre to produce the !Viva La Tradición! A Tribute to Freddy Fender show featuring Grammy Award Winning Texmaniacs, Los Hermanos Herrera, Las Colibrí, and Pio Pico Middle School Band

2014- Colibrí Entertainment returned to the John Anson Ford Theatre to produce the !Viva La Tradición! Voces Y Leyendas show featuring María Elena Beltran, Las Colibrí, Mariachi Garibaldi de Jaime Cuellar, Plaza de La Traza Youth Mariachi, and Ballet Folklor Pasion Mexicana.

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